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Access Archaeology - Free Download and Print-on-demand

Access Archaeology evolved to support many types of archaeological publication including PhD dissertations, smaller conferences and symposia, research projects, and commercial archaeology from parts of the world where funding is limited. It also supports publications that fall between conventional models: too long perhaps for a journal article, but too short for a traditional monograph.

All Access Archaeology titles are available as free-to-download pdf eBooks and in print format.

By asking authors and editors to take a greater role in the production process and by making use of the huge improvements seen in recent years in print-on-demand technology, the books are typically made available in print and online formats, including the free download option, at no cost to the author/editor. 

Free-to-download PDF eBook

A complete PDF eBook of your volume will be available to download for free from www.archaeopress.com and promoted to thousands of archaeologists across the globe via our popular email alert, printed catalogues and website.


There is often confusion over terms like print-on-demand (POD). In essence this simply means that the book will be printed via digital methods and, unlike in traditional print models, we don’t need to print more stock than we need. We can print a single copy or 100 copies as required. This makes it commercially viable for us to market and sell highly specialised academic material to libraries and scholars worldwide. It also makes it more feasible to publish particularly large (or, in fact, unusually short) manuscripts that would otherwise be unlikely to return any profit. Furthermore the benefit of POD is that books can stay in print indefinitely where traditional lithographically printed volumes sell out or get remaindered after a few years.

Learn more about how the concept of Access Archaeology came about over on the Archaeopress Blog, and hear from some recent authors and editors in the series.


To submit a proposal for Access Archaeology please download and complete the proposal form and send via email to David Davison.

How it works:
We can be flexible regarding how we proceed from proposal to final pubilcation, however the following options lay out the most common paths to publication including no-cost options and scenarios where fees would apply.

Typeset Your Own Research

If you can:

We will:

Create the final cover

You will pay:

You will be entitled to (optional):

Typesetting Assistance Required

If you require:

We will:

You will pay:

You will be entitled to (optional):


How many people will download the free-to-download eBook?

Download figures are considerably higher than traditional print sales. It is not uncommon for PDF eBooks to be downloaded several hundred if not thousands of times within a year of publication, whereas print circulation is likely to be far lower.

Who will buy the printed version when they can download the eBook for free?

Many libraries all over the world still opt for a print edition where one is available, even when the material is available via freely online. The free to download PDF will have mild restrictions in place, meaning it can only be printed locally from the free PDF in low resolution. If someone wants a good quality print copy, they will need to purchase the print edition.

Where will people be able to buy the print edition?

Access Archaeology print editions will receive the same attention as our other academic monographs. Metadata will be distributed via our normal channels including Nielsen, Bowker etc. and will be available for distribution to our usual customer base including academic library suppliers, subscription agents, wholesalers and retailers. The book will be available in popular services like Amazon Prime and will also be available directly via our website www.archaeopress.com

I’ve heard people say Print-on-demand books don’t look as good as traditionally printed books, is that true?

Print-on-demand is being used by publishers of all shapes and sizes but is particularly common now in academic publishing. It is increasingly likely that you have some on your shelf now and may not even realise. With vast changes in the way libraries purchase content taking place over the last 15 years there are now thousands of publications that, without print-on-demand, would not have been viable and would instead have relied on huge grants from authors or funding bodies.