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Published May 2022

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Sudan; Nubia; Salvage Archaeology; Rescue Archaeology; Ceramics; Interpretation

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Professor William Y. Adams presents sixteen papers on Nubia, written at various times during his lengthy and productive academic career. Most of those selected had been previously published only in a limited way; encompassing a wide range of topics, Adams wanted to enable them to reach a wider readership than they had originally.



Acknowledgements ;
List of Plates ;
List of Figures ;
Map ;
Editor’s Preface – Julie R. Anderson ;
Preface – Genesis of a Maverick ;

1. Three Questions for the Archaeologist (1992) ;
2. Science and Ethics in Rescue Archaeology (1984) ;
3. Three Perspectives on the Past: The Historian, The Art Historian, and The Prehistorian (1987) ;

4. Strategy of Salvage Archaeology (1973) ;
5. Organizational Problems in International Salvage Archaeology (1968) ;
6. Ends and Means in Large-Scale Excavations: Meinarti, Kulubnarti, and Qasr Ibrim (1995) ;

7. Principles and Pragmatics of Pottery Classification: Some Lessons from Nubia (1975) ;
8. Archaeological Classification: Theory Versus Practice (1988) ;
9. Purpose and Scientific Concept Formation (1987) ;

10. From Pottery to History: The Dating of Archaeological Deposits by Ceramic Statistics (1989) ;
11. Times, Types, and Sites: The Interrelationship of Ceramic Chronology and Typology (1987) ;

12. The Archaeologist and The Ceramologist (1981) ;
13. On the Argument from Ceramics to History: A Challenge Based on Evidence from Medieval Nubia (1979) ;

14. On Migration and Diffusion as Rival Paradigms (1978) ;
15. Paradigms in Sudan Archaeology (1981) ;
16. The Archaeologist as Detective (1973)

About the Author

William Y. Adams (1927-2019) was emeritus Professor of Anthropology at the University of Kentucky and President of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society.